Conditions We Treat

Grand Rapids Specialty Therapy provides specialized services to clients in a compassionate, therapeutic environment with one specialty: YOU.

Sexual Wellness


Grand Rapids Specialty Therapy specializes in sexual wellness for persons of all identities. We know each individual’s sexual wellness is an integral part of their person. We work with individuals and relationships to forge effective changes in trauma recovery, differences in desire, out of control sexual behaviors, and pain during sex.



We welcome individuals and families of all kinds at GRST. You will find therapists who celebrate differences and empower clients to explore their identity without judgement. We believe, furthermore, that LGBTQIA individuals and families deserve to have mental health care that is not only compassionate but also competent. We utilize evidence-based approaches which respect the unique challenges faced by the LGBTQIA community.



Grand Rapids Specialty Therapy offers specialities in relationship wellness. We work with relationships to find closeness and healing after affairs, betrayals, conflict, trauma and transitions.

Postpartum Depression/Anxiety


Parenthood is full of ups and downs. For some, depression and anxiety can feel overwhelming. At GRST we work to support parents. You’ll find a safe place where you feel validated and empowered.

Mental Health


Grand Rapids Specialty Therapy provides specialized services in mental health and wellness. We work closely with our clients who are experiencing anxiety, depression, obsessions/compulsions, disordered eating, and stress management.